Amos Letsoalo

Amos Letsoalo | Gae Polokwane | Charcoal on paper

About the artist

Mokgabudi Amos Letsoalo born in Polokwane, Limpopo Province is presently the curator of the Polokwane Museum. He holds various post graduate diplomas in Museum Conservation, Management and Curatorial Training and Heritage Studies. He has curated several important exhibitions throughout South Africa as well as in the UK. He has presided as both a regional and national judge for the ABSA ATELIER AWARDS in South Africa.

His own artwork has been exhibited in exhibitions throughout South Africa as well as in Washington, the USA, UK, Germany France and Hong Kong. His work is included in the Collections of the SA National Gallery ( SANG IZIKO), the Botswana National Gallery, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Development Bank of SA, and the SABC Collection. They are also included in the SA High Commission in the UK, the SA Embassy in Germany and the World Bank in Washington, USA. His work features in several corporate and many private collections.

Letsoalo ‘s drawings celebrate his cultural roots of Limpopo Province in northern South Africa.  Charcoal, in Letsoalo’s hands, is transformed into a magical wand where he conjures a mystical language to express everyday life, ritual and cultural belief in rural Limpopo.  Mysterious symbolism is offered for the viewer to digest and explore, whilst humour is introduced unexpectedly, adding delightful imagery and contrast. His mastery of charcoal drawing is evident in the tangible texture of chickens feathers, sticks stacked in piles, goat and donkey skin, and ramshackle walls. Sometimes colour line is introduced as an exclamation or as a divergence. His compositions are visually engaging and thought provoking and his artistic language is uniquely delightful and original.

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