Hermanus Fynarts

The Fynarts Festival opens on Friday 9 th 2023 and offers a
variety of theatre and musical productions, food and wine
presentations and a cornucopia of art exhibitions., through to
the 18 th June 2023.

Intethe Gallery presents Faces Spaces and Places – paintings,
drawings, sculptures and ceramics – exploring the natural
world, the alarming increase of global warming, its effect on
nature, human and animal life.

Paula Dubois examines the pristine underworld of marine life,
in her ink/canvas paintings, Lucy Stuart Clark creates exquisite
sculptural forms of coral, fish and shells in her gold lustre
encrusted ceramics, Kristin Hua Yang’s energetic and powerful
charcoal drawings, convey the secretive life of the Southern
Right Whales, whose arrival in Walker Bay coincides with this
Festival. Xiao Hu interprets Confucian assertions with his
powerful personal language, combining mix media and colour.
Zach Mukwira presents mystical interpretations of his cultural
background with intertwined compositional forms and colour
musicality. Jean Theron Louw’s stainless steel and bronze
sculptures painstakingly hand constructed, and conceptually
engaging question human engagement and its responsibility to
the prevention of the climate crisis. Anitra Nettleton explores
the beauty of the natural world and constructs flower encrusted
porcelain vases exquisitely painted and enriching in any
environment. Her new venture into floral candelabra will negate
any need for electricity. Giant white magnolia petals and the
arum, (calla lily) are designed to hold battery driven tall
candles, bringing atmospheric light and calm into any
darkened room. Amos Letsoalo s skilled mastery of charcoal
and crayon, depicting rural life in Limpopo, seduces the eye,
while suggesting the unanswered. Shepherd Ndudzo’s mastery
of carving transforms the hardest of African woods, (ironwood,
olea capensis), combined with rose quartz marble into romantic
imagery of human tenderness. Juliet Boustred explores theLucy

intricate nature of the character of trees in her subtle renditions
of delicate watercolour. Sara Abbott probes atmospheric
moments created by natural events, using colour pastel and
line to record the magic of country life. Herman Van Nazareth’s
inimitable technique in bronze sculptural form describes
timeless interaction between man, animal and nature. Sfiso Ka
Mkame s meticulous, laborious technique, layering oil pastel,
scraping out his composition thus revealing a dynamism of
human interaction, emotion and movement.
The exhibition will be on view throughout the festival and the
gallery is offering a programme of the artists presenting their
work and describing the processes required to reach
finalisation of their conceptual ideas.


Join Intethe Gallery for Artists in Conversation during the #FynArts2023.
Bookings are essential: Whatsapp: 0834495340/ lindop@mweb.co.za.
Time 11.00 to 12.00
Saturday 10 June: Award winning sculptor Jean Theron Louw (Best Artist: 2019 Woordfees, 2020 Kyknet) presents the intricate process of welding steel, casting bronze to conceptualise and construct her sculptural forms.
Sunday 11 NB 10am – 11am Lucy Stuart Clark, professional ceramics teacher will describe the process from conception to completion of the wizardry of making her unique sculptural forms.
Thursday 15 June: Zach Mukwira discusses the influences of growing up as a Mozambican refugee in Zimbabwe, and how his family history influenced his artistic direction.
Friday 16 June: Sara Abbott will demonstrate the skill required and deft decision making using pastel crayon to create her landscape drawings, describing country and riverine life.
Saturday 17 June: Paula Dubois will talk about her passion for the sanctity of the environment, and the process she employs, using ink or acrylic, to create an envisaged experience of nature at its most pristine.



Intethe Art Gallery has identified and supported artists for over 18 years.
Now based in Hermanus, Western Cape, the Gallery has established its
reputation supporting and promoting talented artists, residing throughout
Southern Africa. Together, the variety of art on display offers an insight
and appreciation of the deeper issues of complex societal values. The
artists’ work in a variety of different mediums producing thought
provoking, innovative and aesthetically pleasing art to give life-long
enjoyment and upliftment.



Intethe Art Gallery assists in promoting and building artists’ careers and
their work is cherished in collections worldwide. Each artist continues to
grow their abilities to communicate visually and intellectually, enabling a
refreshed vision and an alternative understanding of the surrounding
As the world struggles to make sense of the myriad of apparently
irreconcilable tensions, the artistic voice offers different visions for re-
consideration and formulation of new ideas.


Studied Anthropology, French and focussed on studies in African Art for
her Honours degree. She had previously volunteered as a guide in the
Johannesburg Art Gallery and joined the committee of the Natal Society
of Arts.
In 1988 Lindop published the book ‘Gerard Sekoto’, re-introducing
Sekoto’s art into the consciousness of South African art history.
Apartheid had surreptitiously wiped out all memory and recognition of
the richness and merit of art creativity of Black South African artists.
Previous art publications had omitted or ignored their value and
The publication of ‘Gerard Sekoto’, published privately because no
publisher at that time, saw any commercial value therein, generated a
frenzy of activity, reactivating awareness and celebrating African Art in
South Africa and beyond.
Lindop was the recipient of a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres 2016,
and awarded the Mbokodo Lifetime Achievement 2019, and a Patron of
the Norval Museum – Lifetime Achievement 2019.