Kristin Ng Yang

Kristin Ng Yang | Charcoal on paper | 100 x 200cm

About the artist

Born in Shandong province, China .Yang lives in South Africa, returning
frequently to visit and exhibit in her homeland. Yang has recently
completed her PhD at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, where
she teaches printmaking. A graduate of the Fine Art Academy, Beijing,
Yang came to South Africa to study for her MAFA in Visual Arts. Her
father, the Chairman of the Shandong Art Society was incarcerated in a
labour camp, forced to make pro Mao posters for 12 years. She has
travelled widely in the USA and Europe and has exhibited frequently in
Italy, South Africa, China in Beijing and Shanghai.

She was awarded an Ovation Award for her exhibition ‘Bird/Fish’ at the
2016 Grahamstown Festival in the Eastern Cape. She was selected as a
Renault artist in 2005, her work being exhibited in both South Africa and
in 2006 in Paris. More recently, her work was a main feature in the
China/South Africa Exhibition.

Yang’s artistic versatility and technical skill enable her to explore her
vision through any medium: drawing, oils, watercolour and printing.

Her use of charcoal is fearless and astounding. Whilst suggesting an
apparent carelessness, Yang is the master of control, bringing her
subject matter alive with an energetic dynamism and vivacity. Yang
transforms the everyday into objects of tranquil meditation, where
contemplation is invited. Her lively sense of humour is introduced in a
subtle and considered manner, often escaping immediate recognition.

She is a master print maker and frequently combines hand-prints into
her drawings.

Yang’s oil painting technique ranges from languid, shimmering peaceful
interpretation to thickly spread impasto adding textural and tactile
richness. Her method in her painting suggests the concept of Yin and
Yang permeating throughout the canvas. Her background composition
suggests a mono-tonal quality, until, upon further examination, the
delicacy of the layered brushwork becomes visible. Line interacts with
space and form creating energy and air and an infinite beauty.

Her new large abstract works, combining much of technique previously
explored, introduce a contemplative intellectuality which shimmer with
mystery, unanswered questions, colour, form and texture.

Yang’ s work is found in corporate and private collections in China,
France, Italy, USA, UK and South Africa.