Paula Dubois

Paula Dubois

About the artist

Paula Du Bois holds a BA (Information Design) from the University of Pretoria. She exhibits regularly in various galleries including INTETHE GALLERY in Hermanus. Her work experience has focussed on being a freelance designer for some of South Africa’s most popular magazines as well as being the senior designer for House and Garden magazine.  2 books comprising her sketches and words have also been published.

Du Bois immerses her entire being in the wonder of nature:  this is evident in her exquisite images created from her expert technical use of ink and supracolor on paper or canvas. She is equally comfortable in watercolour painting, catching the momentary movement of a fish flashing through the water, with a decisive confidence of brushstroke, light, shade and colour.

Her interest lies in the ‘here and now, the crunch of stones underfoot, the smell of the western cape fynbos and the salty sea breeze, the hummingbird hovering in mid-air: disturb or remove it, it affects all. Order turns to chaos, beauty to decay, we are connected as creatures and creation, intricately linked as a new nature, filled with life”

Her keen observation of the finest detail in a sea pond, her sharp eye observing surface and texture,  her lyrical language of colour and line, create delicate and gentle interpretations of nature’s wonders.  The shimmer of water above shells, mist floating in trees, the stillness of a lily pond, or the swirl of seaweed deep in the ocean, all of this is transformed into a poetic symphony of visual beauty in her paintings. Her unique use of ink/colour on canvas enhances the subtlety and sensitivity of her creativity where she has carved her own inimitable artistic style.