Sara Abbott | Pastel

About the artist

Sara Abbott’s art is a pure reflection of her free spirit and intense love of nature and its living creatures. Born in Kenya, where she enjoyed a carefree life, growing up on a vast swathe of open land, she carries a sense of freedom which explodes in her art.  Now living in the small country village of Stanford, in the Western Cape – imbued in its own historical background- she is able to find other wilderness areas, where she can explore, discover and find the carefree inspiration which emanate in her oil paintings and drawings.

She has an energetic and free will, and a close affinity for the majesty and beauty of animals. All of this reverberates through her pastel drawings and paintings, both in her line and swirls of colour.  These characteristics allow her to enjoy experimentation and an ever-willing eagerness to learn.

Her close observation skills allow the capture of the textures and nuances of nature and its surroundings. This provides a dynamic vitality to her compositions, whether she is working in mixed media adding charcoal or conte, or the less spontaneous use of oils, allowing intriguing results.

Her keen sense of humour is evident in her sometimes, spontaneous added introduction of the unexpected, into more serious subject matter.

Sara Abbott has a devoted coterie of collectors who admire and avidly follow her production of beautiful artworks.